Copying and Pasting Classic Studio projects

Once you have created a project in Classic Studio, you can’t change the project timeline settings. This can be an issue if you have made a project in the wrong video standard – which can happen accidently if you start the movie with a title or photo. The result will be jerky playback or (PAL) DVD discs that won’t play on a (NTSC) “set-top” player.

To work round this, all to have to do is copy and paste the content from the “wrong” project to a new one you have started with the correct settings. However, there are a number of potential pitfalls in this process, enough for people to report that “it doesn’t work”.

In 2011 I produced a PDF showing how to to be sure to make the process work. It can be downloaded HERE.

The rest of this post is a straight lift from the Pinnacle Forum. When Corel took over there was a worry that posts about Classic Studio might not survive, and this is one that I archived.

My 1st post.

While creating the movie image S12 always stops @ frame 11318 and writes file. This is at the 6 minute 18 second point in the 7 minute 45 second total movie length. Movie is composed of panned & zoomed still images & transitions between images and titles. Make Movie Settings are Disc Output, create disc content only, DVD Disc type, best quality, Dolby Digital 2-chan, always re-encode entire movie. Output Browser displays; HD storage as: Free 399.3 GB, Used 48.7 GB & Size 810.0 MB & 4.7 GB DVD drive: Available 64 minutes, Used 6 minutes, Quality 100%

(Note, here Used DVD time of 6 minutes related to movie length is 7 min  45 seconds  Many attempts to make this movie always result w/ 6 minutes here) After creating image I can go to the HD Video_TS folder for this movies name, double click the DVD file to play the movie with Nero and it always ends at the 6min 18sec. I can find & play w/ Nero, the movies remaining minutes within render files folder. With timeline expanded all the way out I can’t find any missing frames or gaps.

OK, so we’ve got a stubborn problem. Might try the copy/paste to a new project. The following details are nicely explained by Bittmann.

    Remove any menus, then copy/paste the project into a new project.  Open your old project, click on the timeline, ctrl-A (select all), ctrl-C (copy), then File/New Project, click on the timeline, then ctrl-V (paste).  Add your menu and chapter points, and see if it starts to act “normally”.




   Just for conversations sake, I thought this might be a good place to talk.(type) Big Smile

   I know that the copy/paste trick starts a completely new project. In this process, it completely releases the project from the aux files, and completely starts a new bunch for the project. So I think that some of these copy/paste tricks might have been solved by simply deleting the aux files manually. I was going to suggest this to Gene, but it seems that I didn’t have to.

   What are your thoughts on the aux files ? Are you satisfied that Studio properly deletes all of the aux files by doing so from within the program ? Or would you somewhat agree that manually deleting the files fixes some problems ? Even thought I haven’t had as many problems with S12, I still see too many old files in the aux folder that never get deleted.

   Just wondering what you think, seeing that you are family and all . Big Smile

   ADDED I keep the render folder on my desktop, and drag the whole thing to the recycle bin every once in a while. Studio places a new one back when I start up the program. This might be a little stronghanded and I wouldn’t suggest this for all, but I’ve had too good of luck to stop now. I’m sure that deleting the aux folder from inside is probably much more safe.

To be quite honest, Copy/Paste to a new project has always been there like a trusty friend for me when things get too mysterious. I use it as my last resort though, and right after I blow the Render folder out its misery. So from where I sit, I’d like to have options and keep recommending the copy/paste as a last draw when things get too complicated. Not unless if Studio 14 behaves differently than its older siblings.

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