Backing Up Keys in Classic Studio

This post is one of a number that are a straight lift from the Pinnacle Studio official forum. I orginally archived it when there was a fear the Corel wouldn’t continue to host the older threads regarding Classic Studio when it dropped support for Studio 15 and earlier.

Folks are still posting about problems regenerating activation keys after getting a new pc or reformatting.

Here’s what you do and you’ll never have that problem again.

1) Backup your Pixie folder to disk or another hard drive.
You can find that folder here…………
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Pinnacle\Pixie

2)  Just before installing Studio on a new hard drive or a new computer, put this folder back where you got it and when you install Studio, all your previously unlocked stuff will be unlocked and ready to go.

(If you cannot find the Pixie Folder go to Control Panel | Folder Options | View and check the box, “Show hidden files & folders”.)  (Thanks Paul)

There are two of us that just did this with new computers so I know it still works. (Kayla)

The pixie folder is located here in Vista: C:\ProgramData\Pinnacle\Pixie. ProgramData is a hidden folder, just like the AppData folder is in XP.

I was in a bit of a crazed anguish when I wrote the lst post as nothing seemed to be working and I couldn’t find my pixie folder that I thought I had backed up. Then I thought that I backed up the wrong one. Then I realized I had backed it up after all!

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