Classic Studio Installation and Patches

You may still running be running Classic Studio, or want to install it on an older computer. This post aims to help you do so. There is still a lot of information available from the official Pinnacle forum about version 15 and earlier, so you should also check HERE

Activation Keys

Even if you have your software, serial number and a computer with a suitable operating system, you may need a new set of activation keys. Currently the only way to do this is via the official Pinnacle Forum, not through support. Either visit HERE and ask for help, or send a private message to one of the moderators with details of your serial number, passport and the email address you used to register the product.

Studio 15

There was no patch for Studio 15. It remained as 15.0. There was one hotfix for DVD recorder import which seems to have gone missing (you could try this download HERE but I don’t think it’s the correct file – it will do no hard to try it though.)

Studio 14

There was one “full” patch for S14 and you can download it HERE

There were two official Hotfixs that aren’t widely publicised, however. The first repaired YouTube uploading but is unlikely to work now – manual uploading is far better anyway. The second was a beta patch to fix issues with import from PAL DV cameras. I currently don’t have a copy of that.

Studio 13

Pinnacle did not release a Version 13 of Studio, presumably because it is thought of as an unlucky number in many cultures.

Studio 12

Some people think Studio 12 was the sweet spot of Classic Studio development, balancing stabilty with features. The latest patch was 12_1_3 and you can download it HERE.

Studio 11

Studio 11 was considered to be a significant improvement in stabilty over Studio 10. were two “good” patches – the second one may have has some regressions over the first, or it may be that you need to have the first one installed for the second one to work if you are using “light” patches, so I’ve made both available: 11_1_0 is HERE, and 11_2_2 is HERE,

There is also a hotfix to improve Optical Disc Export which you can download HERE.

Studio 10

This was the first version of Classic Studio to use the Liquid “engine” – it borrowed a lot of code from the more advanced editing program, but kept the simple interface. It was considered to be a bit of a disaster on release. I have three patches available for download. 10_7_0 Light is HERE, 10_7_0 Full is HERE and 10_8_0 Full is HERE.

To install Studio 10 from scratch on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can’t start with the 10.0 discs unless you have a special installer patch – however, this can still be problematic (and I don’t have the patch anyway). However, there are zip files of version 10.6 available which should solve the issue.

Studio 10.6 Standard for upgraders to Vista/W7/W8/10 is HERE. Studio 10.6 Plus for upgraders to Vista/W7/W8/W10 is HERE. Studio 10.6 TE for upgraders to Vista/W7/W8/W10 is HERE.

Studio 9

If you want to run Studio 9 or earlier, you are going to need a pre-NT based operating system – Windows XP or earlier. I won’t question why you might want to do this! I have two patches and an installer fix for Studio 9, but please don’t ask me to help you with the install as my menory isn’t good enough 🙂

Studio 9 patch version 9_3_0_39c is HERE, Studio 9 patch version 9_4_3_61b (Public Beta prior to official release of 9_4_3 – reported to have all the new feature but far less issues!) is HERE. The Installer Fix is HERE.

Studio 8

Studio 8 was the first version of the software that I actually remember buying. The last patch, 8_12_7, is HERE.

Studio 7

Studio 7 patch version 7_715_1c is HERE.

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