Cleaning up the Registry

Studio is not alone in leaving clutter behaing in the Windows registry when you uninstall the program. There are a number of third-party tools that will tidy up for you, the most common is CCleaner (the basic version is free)

However, Pinnacle have long provided a tool to remove unwanted Pinnacle entries. It is called Regdelete and should worK on all versions. You can download it HERE.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning up the Registry”

  1. Jeff, Great service.
    I went to run the Pinnacle S14 removal tool and it said I would have to reload Pinnacle afterwards, is that only S14 Pinnacle and or proceeding versions or will this mean I need to reload my current version of S23 Ultimate?

    1. I would think it only applies to 14, but as I don’t have 14 loaded I can’t test it. I’d be very surprised if it removed 23 as the tool would have no idea of it’s existence and they reside in differetn directories.

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