Pinnacle Studio Installation and Patches

This post is about the current generation of Pinnacle Studio – Next Gen Studio but excluding Avid Studio. It also excludes Classic Studio from version 1 to 15. Both thes programs have a similar posts – just click on their names above.

The process of installing Studio has developed over the years. In the past having a good internet connection wasn’t a requirement, and it is still possbile to buy the program on a disc, but the size of the patches you need has grown.

Installing Studio from Disc

If you bought Studio on a DVD disc it will have the first release build on the disc. It’s almost certain that when you do install or re-install version 21 or upwards from disc you will be offered a patch. If you don’t want the patch you will need to perform a custom install, where you can also choose custom locations for the program files and data.

Installing Studio from a Download

Originally the download files you received when buying Studio were your responsibilty – Digital River would charge you for backups, so it was a good idea to keep the downloads somewhere safe, or burn them to a disc. Since Studio 19, however, you can download the file as many times as you like from a public link HERE. Those links will always give you the latest build of the program, so you should not need to patch the instalation. The file you download is multi-purpose and suitable for the Standard. Plus and Ultimate versions of the program – which functions are activated depends on your serial number, not the files you download.

Pinnacle’s Patch Archive

Currently patches are available for vesions of Studio 16 to 21 from THIS SITE. They will always be the final version. Patches for Studio 22 and 23 happen from within the program – just use the help menu to check for updates. If at some point in the future these links stop working I will host the patches here.

Studio 16

This was the successor to Avid Studio. It originally ran on Windows 7 only. Although there was a patch and registry hack that could get older builds to install on Windows 8 and above, it was a bodge. if you want to run 16 on Windows 8> you will need a patch from Pinnacle (or from HERE) a download of version 16.1 and a valid serial number.

Studio 17

This was the first version of Studio with Corel at the helm It was released in October 2013. Features included 4K video. There were a lot of patches required to bring it up to scratch.

Studio 18

The biggest breakthrough with this version was a 64-bit build. Released October 2014

Studio 19

This version added the Multi-cam plug-in. Released late September 2015.

Studio 20

Motion Tracking was the headline feature. Released Mid August 2016

Studio 21

This version began the transformation of the GUI so that the Editor swapped with the Library. Released Mid August 2017.

Studio 22

Templates and Split screen editors were added, along with enhanced editing modes such as Slip and Slide. Adding transitions was also modified. Release Mid August 2019.

Studio 23

Masking was added. Released Mid August 2019.

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