Current Capture Devices and Drivers

There are a number of ways to acquire video footage in Pinnacle Studio other than loading it as a file.

Standard Definition Analogue Video Capture

This is how you would import footage from VHS, Betamax or any other device that output its video and audio via Composite “RCA” jacks (yellow red and white), an S-Video connector or a Scart lead. Using NGStudio and Windows 10 there is still a device available for sale – the latest version of the Dazzle.

The Dazzle

The Dazzle came in many guises, but you need something that looks like the picture here – although there were models in different colours available in the past. If it’s a different shape, however, it’s not likely to work in Windows 10.

The USB 510

The other device you might find on Ebay is the USB 500/510/700/710. I have a 510 and it too works with 23/Win 10. The 700 devices are capable of outputing video as well as importing it. These devices also boast DV (Firewire) input for digital capture. Some USB 510/710 devices were sold as MovieBoxes, but there are also other Movieboxes that aren’t compatible, so check the model number before buying.

All the compatible devices connect by USB 2.0 to your computer. Earlier devices may use USB 1.0 or even PCI card slots, but you are going to need older 32-bit operating systems and Classic Studio to use them.

Windows 10 Drivers

The correct latest drivers of the compaitble devices are rather hidden on the Pinnacle site and don’t mention Windows 10 – but they do work. Don’t try to use anything that Windows offers you. (64 bits) can be downloaded from Pinnacle HERE, or my mirror HERE.

DV Capture

If you have a DV camera or deck you can also capture DV or HDV footage via the USB 500/510/700/710 series using the same drivers, a working firewire cable and by ensuring that the device and camera are turned on before opening Studio’s Import tab. If your camera has passthrough then you can record from a device attached to the camera’s input connectors. You may also be able to use a Firewire card installed in your computer, but may need to hunt down the correct Windows drivers before it will work correctly.

Using the MultiCam Capture tool

This import function can see USB connected cameras that behave as webcams. A normal video camera with a USB socket isn’t the same thing. You can buy devices that will convert HDMI signals to a USB webcam input, but I haven’t tested them and they are rather expensive for what they are. When I get round to buying one I’ll post here about it.

DVD and Blu-ray recorders

If you have a Disc Recorder that can convert tapes to DVDs, or record HD pictures to a Blu-ray disc, you will be able to import your recordings using the DVD tab of the Importer. I’d advise you to check the audio sync carefull before putting in too much work on the footage, though, as some recorders produce discs that Pinnacle Studio finds problematic.

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