Legacy Capture Devices and Drivers

This post is about older capture devices made or marketed by Pinnacle. None of the ones I mention here are likely to work on Windows 10 or with Next Gen Studio (Avid Studio or versions 16 and above). If you are looking for information about Pinnacle products that do work with Windows 10 and Next Gen Studio see the post HERE.

Some notes about Legacy Hardware

The devices were connected via USB or plugged into a card slot. Although some of the capture cards had a nice bit of kit called a Breakout Box (or BOB), none of them will work on computer running a 64-bit operating system with more than 2Gb of RAM. The DC10+ was based on a device called the Miro 10 and 30 also sold by Pinnacle, but not bundled with Studio, and there are only XP drivers available for it. I also have hardware installers for the DC10+ listed below

The USB devices were connected either by USB 2.0 connectors or a combination of USB 1.0 and 2.0 and the later didn’t really work in real time, producing low res files for editing.

Pinnacle’s Driver Page with a list of devices

At the time of this post, Pinnacle’s hardware driver page is dated 2012, but this IS the latest list! You can find it HERE. and download the drivers directly from the links on the page. If by the time you read this the page has been removed (or updated) I’ve saved a copy that you can open HERE. The links to the downloads may even still work! If they don’t, cross reference the driver number you need from the chart and download it from the links below.

32-bit drivers for XP and Installers for the DC10+

Driver download HERE. Studio 7 Installer download HERE. Studio 8 Installer download HERE. Studio 9 Installer download HERE.

32-bit drivers for XP/Vista/Windows 7>10

Driver, download HERE. Driver 2.0.19 download HERE. Driver download HERE. Driver download HERE.

64-bit drivers for for Vista/Windows 7>10

Driver download HERE. Driver download HERE (this driver will crash if you have more tha 2Gb of RAM installed)

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