Lost projects in Classic Studio

This post is one of a number that are a straight lift from the Pinnacle Studio official forum. I orginally archived it when there was a fear the Corel wouldn’t continue to host the older threads regarding Classic Studio when it dropped support for Studio 15 and earlier.

…what happened was that I tried opening up one of my projects and I got this message, and I didn’t really read what it said because I assumed it was not big deal and then another message came up and it said something along the lines of that the project can’t be open up so it was starting a new project. So everything in my project got deleted. I then tried opening it back up and it did what the message said; started a new project. This is really frustrating.
Thanks for any help 🙂

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You usually get that Error Message if the Grey Studio Project Folder has been corrupted & turned into a Yellow one.
If you’re lucky, Studio might have created a Backup Yellow Folder. Same Project Name, but with .(2) added. If yes, Change the Project’s STX File Icon Project Name to the same as the Backup Folder.

Yes, I see the same project name but with a 2 added. How exactly do I the project’s STX file icon project name to the same as the back up folder? Would I need to post a screenshot for this?

Outside of Studio Program & from within your Pinnacle Studio “My Projects” Folder, do this:
1) Right-Click on the STX File Project Name / Select; Rename in the following “Pop-Up”
2) Add .(2) (Ensure that you included the “Dot” before (2)) to the existing STX File Project Name. Then the STX File Project Name will be the same as the Yellow Backup Project Folder.
3) Double Click on the Re-named STX File, to Launch Studio into your Project Or Launch Studio & Open your Project via File / Open Project.

Backup Folder Project Name: DOG.(2) Usually in Upper Case, but not always
Existing STX File Project Name: Dog  Always in Lower Case
Renamed STX File Project Name: Dog.(2)
BTW – If the Project STX File shows .stx File Extension, you need to included that  It probably won’t, unless you have “Don’t show known File Extensions” Disabled in Folder Options. 

Was I suppose to add the .(2)  on the yellow folder or the file that had the pinnacle studio icon of the project name? I did it on the yellow folder first and it asked me if If I wanted to merge this folder with this one (the two folders were the yellow ones that had the name of the project without the .(2)  and then the project with the .(2), and I selected yes. And that didn’t do anything, so then I added the .(2)  to the one with the pinnacle studio symbol next to it, I double clicked it to open it up in Pinnacle Studio and it was blank still. I have a feeling that was the one you were originally talking about, and I’m assuming me merging the two yellow folders is the reason it didn’t work…

Yellow Folder .(2) is the Backup. It hasn’t got an associated STX File to Open it into Studio Timeline, so you’ve used the original & renamed it.
If you have any other Yellow Folders other than the Backup & have erroneously renamed those. Then they are either also corrupted Project Folders without Backups or you’ve Opened the Backup “Containing Folder” & erroneously renamed the Sub Folders.
Reverse any changes you’ve made to the Yellow Folder Names. They remain “As is”. The only change is to the STX File, which you appear to have done.

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