Timelapse in Classic Studio

This post one of a number that are a straight lift from the Pinnacle Studio official forum. I orginally archived it when there was a fear the Corel wouldn’t continue to host the older threads regarding Classic Studio when it dropped support for Studio 15 and earlier.

I used Adobe Premiere 6 before moving to Studio 12, and the one feature I miss the most is a flexible adjustment of clip speed. I frequently film home improvement projects, sunsets, and other slow moving scenes that are much more enjoyable to watch sped up.

The “Speed” tool in Studio is limited to 5 times normal speed, and I often have to speed up clips dozens or hundreds of times. For example, I may want to reduce an hour long sunset down to a 1 minute time lapse.

There are also many times when I want to adjust the playback speed to match an audio clip. For instance, I may have 40 minute clip of a car driving that I want to speed up to match the length of a 3 minute song.

Also, the “Speed” tool in Studio seems to blur frames together. I’d rather see more of a time lapse approach, for example keep one frame out of “x” frames (selecting or dropping frames as needed to achieve the desired final length of the selected clip).


I takes a couple of steps, but you can accomplish this with Studio. Let’s say you have an hour-long video.

   In the video album, right-click the thumbnail for the 1-hour video and select Subdivide Scenes. Enter 2 seconds for the length of clips.

   Drag the newly created scenes to the timeline. This might appear to lock up your computer, but be patient. You might want to drag the scenes to the timeline a few album pages at a time. It’s a lot of clips!

   Once all the clips are on the timeline, press CTRL+A to select all.

   Open the clip editor panel by clicking the camera icon at the upper left corner of the timeline, and set the duration to 1 frame. Again, this might take a while to process.

This will result in reducing the 1-hour video to 1 minute. Because of the large number of short clips, it probably won’t preview well, if at all. But if you render it to file. I should play fine.

You can enter a higher or lower number for the length of clips in step 1 to achieve different speeds of time-lapse effect.

Good luck!

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