Reversing Video in Classic Studio

This post is one of a number that are a straight lift from the Pinnacle Studio official forum. I orginally archived it when there was a fear the Corel wouldn’t continue to host the older threads regarding Classic Studio when it dropped support for Studio 15 and earlier.

Studio 15 and earlier will reverse video, but the audio won’t be reversed. I had posted this on the old Webboard but it’s out of comission. I found the old Word document I created it on, so I wanted to post it back up. I wrote this for S10, but the same process is for S11 and S12. Maybe some day Studio will have this feature, but for now a workaround will have to do.

This is how I reverse video with sound in Studio. It’s with the help of Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editor that takes a little bit of time to get used to, but once you learn, it works fairly well creating the fun stuff.  The only problem I have ever had with Audacity is that it seems to lose the file “lame_enc.dll”every once in a while. If you search the web for it, save a copy of this file for future use. It is necessary when making MP3 files.

To a reverse a video, it’s best to work with a single clip, not a clip that is made up of several scenes. The problem with scenes is, in adding the reverse plug-in over several clips, each clip will be reversed, but will still play in the same order as on the timeline. See below:

(Scene 1 Reversed, Scene 2 Reversed, Scene 3 Reversed)

If the section of video you wish to reverse is made of several scenes, then you need to combine these scenes if possible. If they can’t be combined, then you will have to render them all to a file, then work with that file as one clip with no scenes. . That way when reversed, it will play completely from back to front.

Do all of your editing first, and cut out everything but the section you want to reverse. You can piece it back into the video later if needed.

With that separate clip, go to “Make Movie” then select Setup/Make File at the top. Choose Avi/Custom, and uncheck the “Include Video” box. Make sure the “Include Audio” box is checked. Click OK.

Click “Create File”, and notice that it has already selected to save this as a wav file. Create the .wav file,  then minimize Studio.

In Audacity, you will be reversing the .wav file you just created. Select File/Open and select your file to open it. Then, either hit CTRL A, or File/Select All to select the complete .wav file. In effects, select reverse and it will reverse the audio. You can use the controls to listen to your reversed file as well. Select   File/Export as Wav, and make sure to name your file as a reverse filename. I just add the word “Reverse”  to the end of the original filename.

One quick note about Audacity. If you preview the audio you must always have the STOP button clicked before you can make any changes to the file. If pause is selected, then you will be wondering how to make the program work!  Now back to Studio.

Go back to Edit mode, and mute the original audio track. That’s the speaker button to the right end of the audio track. (You don’t actually have to mute the track,  but I think it is just good practice). Select your video, and add the speed plug-in, and click reverse.

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